Colin Adams

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Regional Senior Principal - Adaptive Management
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Photo of Colin Adams

What is your greatest professional achievement?

Assembling a group of highly talented people around me and building a high performing team in International Development Asia Pacific.

How is it making a difference?

The team have delivered us to number one market position in our major market, have allowed us to extend into adjacent markets, and managed the risk of operating in around 20 developing country contexts (including the outstanding team response to, and ongoing active management of, the COVID 19 crisis).

What is your Service Line and why are you passionate about it?

My Service Line is “Adaptive Management” which is an emerging approach in the development industry aimed at adjusting our way of working to understand “how change happens” in development (and many other social systems). I have long been a complexity-tragic – we are seeing the insights from complex adaptive systems thinking take increasing hold in many disciplines. Finding the balance between applying the adaptive characteristics of social and economic change with the constraints in our funding and operating environment is a real challenge.

Why Cardno?

Cardno has an impressive footprint across the world in the development sector and this provides a fantastic opportunity to both add value and explore new possibilities. Beyond development, Cardno’s work in the environment, sustainability and ecology offer real linkages to the “adaptive management” approach and I am very excited to see how we can cross-fertilise our thinking within this broader Cardno ecosystem.