Austen Pepper

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Regional Senior Principal - Geospatial
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Photo of Austen Pepper

What is your greatest professional achievement?

The achievement that makes me feel the best lately has been integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) capacity into our transport team in Sydney at Cardno. What began with people using screenshots of Google Maps in PowerPoint has transformed into all staff using desktop GIS software in conjunction with mobile GIS tools for enhanced field data capture and using our server and cloud GIS resources to deliver results and experiences to our clients.

How is it making a difference?

Instead of haphazard and low-quality results that take time and money to create, we have streamlined our operations, increased capacity, delivered new services to our clients, and provided learning pathways for staff within the organisation.

What is your Service Line and why are you passionate about it?

Geospatial is a broad realm to explore and includes data acquisition and processing, spatial data access, analytics, visualisation, and application development. I am always excited that there are so many disciplines that can benefit from a Geospatial perspective whether that is collecting data more effectively, integrating datasets to find new insights, or exploring patterns that come to life in a map.

Why Cardno?

Cardno is an infrastructure, environmental, and social development company which lets me take my skills and experience and apply them to making a difference into lives and communities around the world. There are not many places where I can help in designing subdivisions, building bridges, understanding our natural resources, improving our national defences, or uplifting developing communities across the South Pacific. Fortunately, Cardno is one of the few.