Andy Williams

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Regional Senior Principal - Engineering Geology / Geotechnics
Mackay, Queensland, Australia
Photo of Andy Williams

Greatest professional achievement?

Innovative use of lower quality natural materials in the design of earthworks and pavements on remote projects; and working with good staff on interesting and specialised projects.

How is it making a difference?

We have developed a pragmatic approach to material specifications, which make many remote projects viable.

What is your technical expertise?

I specialise in sites and projects with problematic soil or rock. I investigate and characterise them and then manage the problems to create a safe and environmentally sustainable project.

What makes you tick?

I love geology and all things from below ground. I have a passion for working in a good company with good people.

Why Cardno?

I find Cardno a pleasant and interesting place to work. My work is always varied with a diverse range of projects which allows me to keep learning new skills.

What do you do to relax?

I love rugby union. I use to play but now go to all the big internationals. I collect and drive old jags and I love looking at the sea with my wife.

Any other wise words?

Always do something you enjoy or move on. Eat your greens!

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