Andrew Hill

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Regional Senior Principal - Landscape Architecture
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
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Greatest professional achievement?

Working on a multitude of large master planned communities. These clients understand the need for a well thought out land plan and amenity package. All aspects of Landscape Architecture were applied to these projects from restoring natural areas, to the design of immense amenity packages. The projects ultimately end up turning into a small city that is self-sustaining. As landscape architects, we were also leading a team of professionals that included engineers, environmental scientists, geologists and owners.

How is it making a difference?

Many of these projects were designed for adults aged 55 or older. They have provided a new phase in their life as many of them enter into retirement. It allows them to be active and healthy with the types of amenity packages that are offered, therefore enjoying daily life. These projects have also spurred significant development around them. Often they can be the first development in an area and over the year’s additional neighborhoods, commercial centers, and medical facilities start to develop, bringing a strong tax base to the region, and creating an abundance of projects for our staff to be involved in.

What is your technical expertise?

My technical expertise pertains to the areas of Landscape Architecture such as site planning, conceptual design, theming and visioning, planting, irrigation, hardscape, and construction administration oversight.

What makes you tick?

Creating spaces that provide memorable experiences for the end user. Landscape Architects have the skills to work on a variety of development types including plazas, parks, streams, city centers, master planned communities and mixed use developments. Different personalities take away different experiences from each type of project and knowing that we as Landscape Architects can help generate this experience for them is a great feeling.

Why Cardno?

Cardno has always provided me with the support I have needed without the limitations of telling me what I need to do. We discuss strategic plans, business operations, finance, but often those are the plans generated by the team of professionals that I work with, and leadership provides constructive feedback without telling us what to do, day in, and day out. This does not happen in many companies and it's refreshing. Additionally, Cardno’s global reach, variety of skillsets, and the people I worked with on a daily basis all provide additional an incentive to work for Cardno.

What do you do to relax?

Most relaxation revolves around outdoor activity such as golf, tennis and mountain bike riding. Spending time watching my son play golf or my daughter ride horses, and kayaking with my wife are also a big part of my routine outside of the office.

Any other wise words?

Be prepared. Always anticipate what those around you might ask for that is above and beyond what is needed, and try to be prepared enough to have it ready for them, or at least reply with a quality response that exudes confidence. This can include clients, co-workers or others. Be professional, ethical, and think of creative solutions to allow clients to stand out amongst others. Treat everyone with respect and display a team player attitude, no matter what your title or role might be.

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