Meet Our Regional Leadership Team

Photo of Jamie Alonso
Jamie Alonso
General Manager - Victoria (Acting) | Asia Pacific Region
Photo of Natalie Muir
Natalie Muir
General Manager - Water & Environment | Asia Pacific Region
Photo of Robbie Marshall
Robbie Marshall
General Manager - North West Australia | Asia Pacific Region
Photo of Shane Higgins
Shane Higgins
General Manager - NSW ACT & NZ | Asia Pacific Region
Photo of Bill Halperin
Bill Halperin
President - Government Services | Americas Region
Photo of Mike Lancioni
Mike Lancioni
President - Science & Environment | Americas Region
Photo of Lance Lairscey
Lance Lairscey
President - Infrastructure | Americas Region
Photo of Jaleen Moroney
Jaleen Moroney
President - United States | Cardno International Development
Photo of Colin Adams
Colin Adams
General Manager - Asia Pacific | Cardno International Development

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