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Cardno values sustainability and we’ve embedded it across all of our operations.

At Cardno, we strive to find new ways to protect, conserve and enhance our physical, social, economic and cultural environments, while also responsibly managing the resources and ecosystems on which future generations depend.

We’re committed to applying the principles of sustainable environmental management in the work we do and in the way we run our business.

By partnering with private clients, governments and communities, our people create tailored, sustainable solutions to local issues by integrating social, economic, cultural and environmental interests into every aspect of our business.

We provide responsible professional services that deliver greater long-term value to clients, shareholders, employees and the global community.

We achieve this by:

  • governing for sustainability by establishing and implementing project systems and processes to effectively and efficiently deliver and operate our organisation and our projects
  • encouraging innovation through creative thinking and practices that achieve sustainable outcomes
  • providing access to our technical sustainability leaders to help clients turn strategies into meaningful actions that deliver sustainable projects and solutions
  • sharing our sustainability knowledge across industry through memberships of peak bodies
  • building and encouraging a culture of environmental care among our staff by providing training and support
  • generating shared value for clients, shareholders, employees and the communities in which we live and work.