Investing in our People & Giving Back

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We know that our people and communities are the backbones of our business. Our people are the ones who are making a difference for the communities we live and work in each day. By ensuring we put our people first, we are also putting our communities first. We are proud that the satisfaction our people feel from their careers at Cardno translates into positive impacts for our communities.

Investing in our People

We know that our employees are responsible for shaping a better world for future generations.

We are proud to offer opportunities for our people to grow, to make an impact and leave a legacy for the environment and communities around the world. We support development opportunities that align with our strategic focus and culture, and we value the contribution our people make to our shared success.

Cardno employees on work site

Fostering Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

We are proud to have an inclusive and diverse workforce that is valued by all employees.

Inclusion and diversity fuel better solutions for our clients, investors and communities, and allows our people to bring their whole authentic selves to work every day! As part of our Sustainable Development policy, we are striving to achieve gender balance across all levels of Cardno management and increase diversity and inclusion at all levels across the company.

Globally, our team comprises of people from all walks of life, race and religion, working across more than 100 offices and speaking over 100 languages. We love the diversity of our people and the places we work and live in. Our diverse culture and our commitment to continuing to develop this culture is one of the real strengths behind the solutions we deliver to our clients.

Cardno is committed to:

  • Providing a work environment that is inclusive for all
  • Respecting and celebrating our cultural differences
  • A strong leadership framework which supports an inclusive, diverse and equitable culture
  • A work environment free from discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, vilification or workplace violence
  • Employing a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities we work and live in
  • Ensuring pay, employment conditions and access to employment opportunities are available to all without discrimination
  • Supporting our Inclusion, Diversity and Equity programs such as Accessibility, Age Diversity, LGBTQ+, Racial Diversity/Indigenous Engagement, Veterans and Women in Cardno
  • Driving career progression and training & development programs based on merit and fair opportunities

Giving Back

We are committed to our vision of making a difference not only in the projects we work on but in our communities through the initiatives we champion to help make a difference to people’s lives.

We believe in encouraging a culture where our staff care for our environment, clients and communities, empowering each other through opportunities that balance giving and growth through our charitable initiatives.

image of people volunteering in parkland

We share global initiatives in our philanthropic commitments such as: