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We are committed to conducting our business ethically and in accordance with the highest standards of corporate and sustainable governance.

Cardno is committed to its purpose of ‘Making a Difference’. Our vision is to be ‘Leaders in improving the physical and social environment for people around the world’.

Our corporate governance strategy, while demonstrating our commitment to providing the appropriate levels of disclosure and accountability, also helps us to foster sustainability.

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Sustainability begins with people. When fully realized, a sustainable company is one in which all employees, clients and stakeholders engage in a healthy, prosperous and environmentally responsible world.

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A foundational aspect of sustainability is ensuring the safety, health and well-being of community members. By reinforcing the importance of sustainability, we demonstrate our commitment to creating a safe environment for our employees, contractors, clients and communities.

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Increased internal and external transparency around our sustainability metrics and processes exemplifies our mission to know and do the right thing.

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Our sustainability promise demonstrates Cardno is forward thinking and seeks positive change. We will use industry-wide best practices. We will seek to apply our industry-leading environmental, engineering, and social consulting expertise to our own practices. This commitment supports our goal of becoming an industry leading sustainability practitioner. Cardno’s long history of delivering excellent work for clients, particularly on environmental matters, in a safe, ethical and economic way will serve us well as we begin our internal efforts to improve Cardno’s sustainability footprint.

Cardno’s annual Modern Day Slavery statement outlines our commitment to identifying and mitigating the risk of slavery in our global operations and international supply chain. Our statement is intended to meet the requirements under the Australian Modern Slavery Act and United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act.


Every day we ensure our people, clients and suppliers are up to date with our stance on corporate and sustainable governance.