ESG Specialty Expertise

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Depending on the specific findings and recommendations identified in our ESG analysis, we can engage our technical experts to develop and implement effective solutions to mitigate ESG risk and create value. Cardno has particular technical depth in the following critical ESG topics.

Our baseline ESG risk assessment for PE firms outlined above covers the following ESG domains and services:

Health Services

Cardno’s team has technical depth in the fields of epidemiology, industrial hygiene, toxicology, and risk assessment. Our expert scientists collaborate to thoroughly evaluate the complex relationships between chemical, physical, and biological exposures – as well as workplace, environmental, and social factors to inform assessments of human health outcomes. We are experts in the practical application of scientific concepts and methods to assess environmental and community health risks in the context of social, cultural, and economic differences. This allows our team to offer pragmatic, real-world solutions to address each client’s unique needs.

> Risk assessment (ecological, environmental, toxicological)
> Epidemiological study design, data management, and statistical analysis
> Exposure assessment and modeling services
> Product stewardship
> Program evaluation
> Risk communication

Infrastructure Services

Cardno’s global team of infrastructure experts draw on decades of experience to help inform asset investment decisions and risk management particularly relating to climate risk. We work with clients to implement systems designed to advance asset management goals. Our team includes landscape architects, rural and urban land planners, engineers, GIS professionals, business analysts, regulatory experts, data managers, and software experts.

> Asset inventory and lifecycle analysis
> Energy and sustainability auditing
> Geospatial services
> Risk, resilience, and energy reliability
> Systems implementation
> Land planning and design

Supply Chain Services

Cardno employs a highly localized and deeply informed understanding of complex geographic and cultural nuances unique to a specific community or region. This insight helps us assess our clients’ global supply chain risks and recommend policies and processes to inform private equity clients’ ESG investment decision making. Our teams know how to connect the dots between supply chain evaluation, slavery and human trafficking, and potential climate and community health impacts.

> Geographic risk assessment
> Product risk assessment
> Services risk assessment
> Watchlists monitoring
> Modern slavery reporting

Climate and Environment

Cardno’s team of environmental scientists, engineers, ecological restoration specialists, and sustainability experts assist clients with comprehensive environmental support. Cardno’s environmental teams support a broad range of clients globally from multi-national firms to regional and community businesses.

> Greenhouse gas emissions benchmarking and tracking
> Natural resource economics including carbon market analysis
> Climate change impact and modeling
> Environmental systems analysis
> Brownfields support and development
> Natural resource damage assessment and response
> Environmental site assessment, permitting, and monitoring
> Cultural resource assessment
> Ecosystem restoration