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We bring a deep understanding across a wide variety of industries and sectors to provide an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) lens for all types of PE investments and deliver pragmatic, actionable solutions to industries across the board, worldwide.

Our team differentiates in the ESG market through our technical staff’s breadth and depth, with global scientists, engineers, and subject matter experts from a variety of disciplines. We know how to work with firms to address specific needs, consider alternatives, and review gaps. In addition, our focus and technical depth on human health and health equity stands out in the market.

Our Approach and Insight

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Cardno creates clarity for private equity investors and C-suite leaders by identifying and assessing ESG risks, and devising a roadmap to proactively manage those risks. In addition, with our experience and technical depth in a variety of ESG domains, we enable investors and managers to capitalize upon ESG opportunities within their portfolio or firm. Cardno guides investors and managers through the dynamic world of ESG frameworks, reporting standards, and benchmarks, so that you may effectively tell your ESG story.

Cardno’s approach begins with a comprehensive, systematic assessment of our clients’ response to a series of benchmark and framing ESG questions. We then analyze existing corporate data, policies, and processes with the goal of identifying ESG risk and opportunities within a portfolio or a specific firm. With this information, we develop risk mitigation and value creation strategies that address each client’s unique ESG needs and circumstances. Finally, we assist clients with both the communication and implementation of these strategies.

Our Approach to ESG Due Diligence

Our goal is to deliver actionable solutions so that PE firms and/or their portfolio companies may develop pragmatic, quantifiable, science-based ESG solutions designed to support a competitive advantage in the marketplace. With our global footprint and substantial in-house technical expertise, we help clients proactively address and manage ESG-related risks and opportunities, thereby delivering value to investors.

Cardno is united by a shared purpose to deliver exceptional professional services to improve physical and social environments that make a difference to people’s lives around the world.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Cardno’s suite of ESG advisory services supports client’s efforts to achieve their own goals in alignment with the UN SDGs. 


Board and Investor ESG Support

Cardno supports corporate boards and investors with a comprehensive suite of ESG advisory services focusing on risk management and due diligence. Cardno’s strengths begin with our world class team of environmental scientists, engineers, public and environmental health specialists, and ESG policy experts. Our team works together to apply the best physical and health sciences thinking to challenges and opportunities which boards and investors face. Our goal is to help you make a difference by improving the physical and social infrastructure for people around the world. Specifically, Cardno offers the following ESG advisory services:  

  • Governance and policy support to integrate sustainability into corporate culture and business operations
  • Environmental systems analysis
  • Health risk management assessment and support
  • Built asset resiliency, particularly focused on climate risk
  • Natural resources assessment, management, and restoration
  • Modern slavery support
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Green house gas analysis, benchmarking, and target setting

    ESG In The News


ESG Podcasts

Cardno’s Global Senior Principal for Sustainability Chris Kline, Senior Strategy & Transformation Consultant Seth Yoskowitz, and Senior Supervising Health Scientist Natalie Egnot joined the team from strategic communications firm Antenna to discuss Cardno’s full range of ESG advisory services.

The Raising Your Antenna podcast covers a wide range of topics including:

  • How Cardno assists at all stages of solar and renewable projects
  • Climate change and economic development challenges in the developed world
  • Workplace safety and the importance of human health and science-based decision making for employers, and
  • The impact and risk of modern slavery within supply chains.


Cardno leaders participate in ESG discussion on the Raising Your Antenna podcast.


As a guest for the Sustainable Nation podcast, Global Senior Principal for Sustainability and ESG Chris Kline shares his perspective in wide-ranging discussion on ESG factors.

The Sustainable Nation podcast conversation includes the following discussions:

  • Cardno’s commitment to ESG and how we are sharing it internally and externally
  • ESG challenges within specific industries
  • The definitions of sustainability and ESG
  • The investment community’s demand for ESG accountability


Computer generated image of sustainability

The Sustainable Nation podcast discusses projects focused on delivering ESG insight