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In alignment with our purpose and vision, we meet clients’ needs and strive to promote environmental equity, social equity, and strong governance.

Our world-class team of environmental scientists, engineers, public and environmental health specialists, and policy experts begin any client engagement by listening carefully to the client’s challenge and experience. We then apply rigorous scientific thinking along with the appropriate legal, regulatory and policy guidance to develop and build sustainable solutions.

Our Difference

Graphic of Cardno ESG services

Cardno has particular expertise in assisting clients with climate change challenges

Cardno’s international climate teams are comprised of experts and leaders in their fields who understand and effectively respond to the impacts of climate change.

Climate change creates new risks and exacerbates existing vulnerabilities in communities across the globe, presenting growing challenges to human health and safety, quality of life, and the rate of economic growth. As a leading provider of technical assessments and solutions, Cardno offers valuable experience, service, and expertise to address fundamental environmental and social issues.

Cardno collaborates with organizations, communities, and universities across the globe to identify climate change impacts and develop adaptation strategies. These collaborations result in stakeholder-derived solutions to enhance resiliency to climate change.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Cardno’s suite of ESG services supports client’s efforts to achieve their own goals in alignment with the UN SDGs. Our matrix below illustrates how Cardno’s services align with the SDGs. 

Infographic of Cardno's ESG Services and SDG alignments

Board and Investor ESG Support

Cardno supports corporate boards and investors with a comprehensive suite of ESG services focusing on risk management and due diligence. Cardno’s strengths begin with our world class team of environmental scientists, engineers, public and environmental health specialists, and ESG policy experts. Our team works together to apply the best physical and health sciences thinking to challenges and opportunities which boards and investors face. Our goal is to help you make a difference by improving the physical and social infrastructure for people around the world. Specifically, Cardno offers the following ESG services:  

  • Governance and policy support to integrate sustainability into corporate culture and business operations
  • Environmental systems analysis
  • Health risk management assessment and support
  • Built asset resiliency, particularly focused on climate risk
  • Natural resources assessment, management, and restoration
  • Modern slavery support
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Green house gas analysis, benchmarking, and target setting

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