Delivering Sustainable Communities

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We support our clients to meet their ESG commitments.

Cardno provides its clients with quality scientific and technical advice and allows them to address their own ESG priorities at the same time.

Kaweah Hydroelectric Project Relicensing

image of river rapids with mountain in background

Cardno is supporting Southern California Edison Company (SCE) with its Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) relicensing of a 8.85-megawatt renewable energy resource so that SCE can meet the energy demands of its 15 million strong customer base... Learn more


Key to successful relicensing is a comprehensive understanding of aquatic, cultural, land, recreation and terrestrial resources in the project area, and a keen understanding of the application requirements.

Blue Heron Slough Conservation and Mitigation Bank Project

Image of blue heron slough construction project

Cardno managed the design, engineering, certification, permitting, and construction management for the Northwest’s first conservation bank. The project included a 364-acre estuary restoration site certified by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) for 10,200 Chinook salmon credits under the Endangered Species Act. In addition, the project was reviewed for 240 wetland mitigation credits under the Clean Water Act... Learn more


The project moved from concept to construction in 18 months and mitigated the Port of Everett’s full long-term plan while still having 60 percent of the credits created available for sale to third parties.

Papua New Guinea Biodiversity Program

Papua New Guinea people dancing in circle

Papua New Guinea’s environmental biodiversity is among the world’s richest and most at-risk. This rich biodiversity is fundamentally important to the long-term well-being of its population. However it is threatened by weak regulation of natural resource use and development. This program aims to curb unsustainable natural resource use and damage to terrestrial and marine ecosystems through ecological and local governance capacity assessments that will inform community engagement... Learn more


Bringing our deep expertise in natural resource protection, planning and governance frameworks, this program presents a unique opportunity to align both conservation and development priorities.

Greater Springfield

aerial image of city

Creating a new city from the ground up is a daunting task. Since 2000, the Cardno team has partnered with Springfield City Group, providing the expertise and guidance to deliver infrastructure and planning for Australia’s first master-planned municipality since Canberra almost a century earlier. The vision for the new city of Greater Springfield has been designed around the essential services of employment, education, health and technology... Learn more


Through multidisciplinary expertise, Cardno has played a fundamental role in creating a best-in-class community and ensuring that essential services and infrastructure are provided to underpin the development.

EIS for Guam and CNMI Military Relocation

aerial image of military boat harbour

Cardno completed a high‐profile Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the largest proposed U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) construction program in the Pacific since World War II. The EIS included analyses of the Marine Corps forces relocation, construction and sustainment of facilities and infrastructure to support training and operations on Guam and Tinian (in the CNMI), and construction and sustainment for a new deep‐draft wharf and deepened entrance channel for Apra Harbor, Guam, to support transient aircraft carriers... Learn more


As a trusted provider, Cardno informed U.S. government stakeholders and the public of the environmental, cultural, biological, social and infrastructure impacts to support approximately 8,600 Marines and their 9,000 dependents that would be relocated from Okinawa.

COVID-19 Support - F500 Companies to Small Businesses

image of TV presenter looking at camera with mask on

Cardno ChemRisk has helped a broad range of companies create science-based solutions to safely get back to work after the emergence of COVID-19. As an example Cardno ChemRisk supported TV, film, and media production companies address concerns and raise awareness across several aspects of COVID-19 to provide guidance on how to best protect staff, crews, daily hires, talent, vendors, and guests as they respond to breaking news and prepare to resume production. In addition, Cardno ChemRisk was acknowledged by Lawrence Slone, CEO of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) for the tremendous leadership on AIHA’s COVID-19 Open America Guidelines Task Force... Learn more


Using the latest scientific understanding of the virus and transmission, regulatory guidance, best practices, and union rules, Cardno created robust infection prevention and control protocols to get businesses safely back to work.

Logan Water Alliance - Brisbane 

Aerial image of Logan Water Alliance water tank

Cardno has been a pivotal player in the multi-award-winning Logan Water Alliance (2009-2015) and the renewed Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance (2015-2018), a public-private enterprise responsible for delivering critical water and wastewater infrastructure across the Logan City local government area. The Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance is one of the largest water infrastructure delivery programs in Australia, capable of delivering in excess of A$80 million capital and renewal works annually. This alliance sets the standard in public private partnerships in Australia, delivering critical water infrastructure in a timely, cost and energy efficient manner... Learn more


Cardno’s expertise in water and wastewater systems has been integral to the planning and design of key infrastructure including reservoirs, pump stations and treatment plant upgrades, and water reticulation mains.

Climate Change Threat and Vulnerability Risk Analysis

Image of flooded river

Cardno fielded a multi-skillset team of technical professionals and managed the five-year, three-phase project that identified and prioritized levels of risk at more than 3200 client owned properties to identify the Top Ten properties most at risk to climate change threats. The analysis used risk-based analytics and a prioritization approach that combined climate change likelihood and severity indicators to identify the level of mission-critical property risk... Learn more


Integrated planning efforts resulted in site-specific facility resilience initiatives through adaptation, protection and hardening.

Digital mHealth Solutions

African woman smiling holding mobile phone

Throughout Africa, Cardno has designed and launched mobile health (mHealth) applications, developed content and messaging in coordination with health ministries, and partnered with major mobile network operators to disseminate vital and timely health messaging. Our mHealth solution delivers appointment reminders, prenatal and postnatal care information to new and expectant mothers. The same technology also delivers tailored messaging to healthcare workers and clients’ supporters... Learn more


Our user-centric approach improved health outcomes by creating a digital solution that was fit for purpose. This resulted in culturally appropriate and gender-responsive healthcare messages to more than two million people in Tanzania alone.

Pinellas Gateway Expressway CEI

computer generated aerial image of expressway

Cardno provides Florida Department of Transportation with Construction Engineering & Inspection (CEI) services for the US$350M Gateway Expressway project, a significant transportation project in Pinellas County and a critical part of the Tampa Bay Area’s growing transportation network. It will provide a faster, safer, and more convenient travel experience for drivers... Learn more


Cardno supports our client from design review and procurement, during Design-Build team selection, through construction administration, monitoring and inspection, and stakeholder coordination.

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