Corporate Responsibility

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Our commitment to corporate responsibility is not a static mission statement, it’s integral to who we are as a company and is lived and breathed by our people in their daily work.

Across more than 100 countries, we’re proud to be making positive and tangible contributions as partners, leaders and change agents, guided by our corporate responsibility mission:

“To behave transparently and ethically, contributing to equitable, sustainable development within our workforce and the communities in which we live and work.”

This mission helps us deepen our relationships with communities and creates value for our shareholders.

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Beyond simply behaving morally and ethically, we believe that corporate responsibility can also:

  • enhance reputation and brand awareness, supporting us to better understand and manage stakeholder expectations and operational risks
  • ensure compliance with relevant legislation and alignment of our business activities with international norms and standards
  • create innovative business opportunities and partnerships in new and existing markets, driving higher performance and competitive advantage
  • foster an inclusive and diverse workplace where excellence is rewarded and opportunities are equal.

Our three pillars guide our approach to corporate responsibility:

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1. People: Our employees drive our business, providing world-class services to our clients and communities. Our staff inspire and drive our corporate responsibility activities to affect lasting, positive change.

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2. Community: We have an active role to play in promoting sustainable development. Acting ethically and honestly not only helps to maintain our social licence to operate, but also opens up new markets and business opportunities.

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3. Environment: Responsible stewardship is fundamental to our mission. We’re providing leadership in environmental management to preserve the natural ecosystem for future generations.

With the framework provided by these pillars, we channel our business expertise and assets into positive action that contributes to sustainable development.


Through our Partnering for Good (PFG) program, Cardno is making a difference in communities outside of our regular client work, by building on our work in the global giving space.

Our first project was the renovation of the Compassionate Neighbours Children’s Home – a small orphanage built in 1978 situated on the outskirts of Kenya.

The Compassionate Neighbours Children’s Home children and careers standing outside of the finished project with Cardno staff.

The project’s scope included:

  • refurbishment of the entire home, including a full renovation: new roof, new toilets and bathrooms, new plumbing system, replacement of all electrical wiring and lighting, painting of walls, floors, new doors and locks, and replacement of broken windows.
  • fixing the home’s water supply to provide access to running water for the first time in years.
  • paying for the entire year’s school fees for all 24 children who reside at the orphanage.