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Creating a safe environment for our people, clients and the communities we impact comes first at Cardno. That’s why safety is one of our core company values.
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Our global safety program, Cardno Zero Harm – Every Job, Every Day, is a fundamental part of our work environment. We are committed to achieving ‘Zero Harm’ by continually improving our health, safety and environmental performance.

The combination of effective policies, processes and systems, along with strong leadership and employee participation, reinforces our Zero Harm approach.

Read our Health, Safety and Environmental Policy


We believe our Leading Actions are an essential part of maintaining a positive safety culture and contributes to our Zero Harm philosophy:

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1. Take personal responsibility – lead by example to always put safety and health first. Everyone has the right and responsibility to stop work and speak up if any activity is unsafe to ourselves or to others, or could harm the environment or the community.

2. Proactively identify and manage risks – take action to make every work environment and work journey safe, healthy and secure, not only for yourself but also for colleagues, clients, contractors and the community. Conduct risk assessments before all work tasks, report hazards when observed and action solutions to prevent harm and protect health.

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3. Integrate safe design – safety is an integral part of our design process. Take action to eliminate or minimise risks to health and safety throughout the lifecycle of the structure, product, process or program by diligently engaging safe design principles.

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4. Communicate openly – communication is the cornerstone of safe behaviour. If you see or experience something unsafe, speak up and share the lessons learnt with colleagues, contractors and clients. Building safety moments into all meetings and daily toolbox talks are an integral part of our working day.

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5. Reinforce a reporting culture – foster a team culture, where incidents, hazards and near misses are reported and managed in a receptive and supportive environment.

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6. Measure our performance – implement an evidence-based approach to injury prevention and health programs, using clear and meaningful indicators to monitor, understand and improve HSE performance.

Health and safety specialists provide support across the regions and drive Cardno’s commitment to Zero Harm, in partnership with our leadership teams.


We believe that not only do we need to keep safety in mind, but we are also committed to sustainable environmental management and the delivery of high quality services: