Cardno’s response to COVID-19

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The health, wellbeing, and livelihoods of our people, families, clients, and communities is Cardno’s key priority.

Cardno activated its global and regional crisis management team at the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and is now offering guidance and recommendations as industries, organizations and places of business shift to reopening and refocusing on their priorities.

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Cardno COVID-19 Response and Services

Our team of experts are providing best practices and recommendations as organizations around the world respond to COVID-19 and begin to enter the next phase of response. Learn more about the team and the services they can deliver.

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Cardno COVID-19 Insights

Through regular webinars and white papers, our COVID-19 support team is sharing recommendations and guidance on COVID-19 as developments change and businesses begin to reopen. These insights explore what specific sectors of the economy can do to be proactive, flexible, and focused on planning.

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What we are doing

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Maintaining a strong focus on our health – while we do remain open for business, we are taking steps to protect our people and business continuity, as well as the health and safety of our clients. We are also committed to delivering high-quality outcomes for our clients and the communities where we work.

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Monitoring via credible authorities – we continue to follow guidance and align our procedures with the World Health Organization and relevant government authorities and we are leveraging our membership in International SOS (the world's largest medical and travel security services firm) and our own internal epidemiological experts from Cardno ChemRisk. 

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Travel directives – we have provided a clear travel directive (reviewed daily) to our people in alignment with the advice from relevant government authorities. All International travel for Cardno employees has been suspended with the exception of those staff who are being relocated to their home country or another safe location and domestic travel has been restricted.

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Flexible work arrangements – we are leveraging our technology and collaboration tools and have extended flexible work arrangements to our people for their protection and to maintain service to clients as a priority. Our project site and field work continues and we are adjusting our practices to meet additional COVID-19 safety, hygiene and social distancing considerations. While these arrangements are in place, we ask that you refrain from visiting our offices.

Communication is key icon

Communication is key – we are in regular communication with our people and with our clients as we continue to adapt, protect and maintain our services along with this evolving situation. We are maintaining intranet and internet information pages for all employees and contractors.

We’ve also established “My Cardno Village” which is a global online community for our people to connect, discuss their challenges and coping mechanisms, share recommendations around entertaining the family, take a stretch class and find out more about their colleagues from around the world.

Office Re-entry icon

Office re-entry - Our teams have in place local office re-entry plans outlining how and when we manage the slow and measured transition of getting our people back into the office.

These plans are developed in alignment with government regulations and requirements in addition to advice from our Cardno ChemRisk team and Workplace Health & Safety experts. 

Our people have access to information about office re-entry and project site protocols, guidelines and training.

All employees who are re-entering offices complete re-entry awareness training and we have launched a daily fit-for-work assessment process. Sub-contractors are also required to implement COVID-safe practices prior to entering our project sites.

We understand you may have questions around these changes and we have answered these below.

Q: How will we interact with Cardno to continue business activities?

  • Employees should teleconference or videoconference into meetings if outcomes can be achieved without attending a site in person.
  • If our employees are required on your site, we will discuss the requirements with the Project Manager to determine the necessity of the visit. We understand that your business may have additional requirements as part of your risk management, and in this case, Cardno representatives attending site will adhere to these at all times.
  • No employees will attend or be permitted on a site if presenting with any symptoms (coughing, fever, muscle aches), or if they have been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case.

Q: Will my project be impacted?

  • We are a digital business with experience working remotely. The Cardno team is well equipped to maintain business continuity inclusive of the measures we’ve put in place to protect our staff, clients, and community. With this in mind, we understand that every day brings new information and there may be some unforeseeable changes over the coming months which may impact how we conduct business. We will continue to keep our employees, contractors, clients, business partners, and suppliers updated on any changes to our crisis management plan.

Q: Where can I find out more information on Cardno’s response and crisis management plan?

For more information on Cardno’s Crisis Response Plan to COVID-19, please contact your relationship manager.

We are very proud of the swift and detailed action we have taken to navigate through this challenging event in our history. We are motivated and committed to Zero Harm. Every Job, Every Day across all of Cardno’s global operations.