Uncovering historic cemeteries

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Cardno’s national cultural resources team are working on some of America’s most interesting projects through the relocation of historical cemeteries.

Cemetery work often writes its own story as it is related to human history and delivers its own human-interest angle. Each project involves significant historical research and consultation to ensure all remains are found and treated with respect.  

The Bethel Cemetery Project, was the largest cemetery to ever be archaeologically relocated in the state of Indiana, exhuming the remains of 543 graves. The recreation of the original cemetery featured cleaning of monuments, installation of benches, cornerstones, and memorial markers. Graves that were previously unmarked even received headstones.

Our work in cemetery relocation and management has generated frequent interest with local residents, news and media outlets, historical societies and is a source of fascination for Cardno employees. Media attention has surrounded the Bethel Cemetery Project, Fort Brooke Cemetery, and many others across the country.

Many of our cemetery projects are confidential yet uncover the stories of lives lived and lost and help form a picture of the history of our nation and individual communities. From Civil War veterans to love letters and everything in between, our cemetery relocations help us understand what lies beneath.

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