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We have a dedicated team of digital engineering professionals who specialise in the concept design and construction phase of major projects across the Asia Pacific Region.

Over recent years, digital transformation has been an area that has disrupted many industries by accelerating companies’ focus on gaining a competitive edge.

Through our digital capabilities, we maximise efficiency and create new, innovative ways of delivering projects to our clients.

We have a dedicated team of digital engineering professionals who specialise in the concept design and construction phase of major projects across the Asia Pacific Region.

Digital render of Sienna Wood Parkland
One of our leading capabilities, Building Information Modelling (BIM), allows our team to digitally experiment with infrastructure and buildings projects before the construction has taken place.

This allows for errors to be checked which might occur in the drawing process, virtual tours through walkthroughs and the creation of renderings with customized interiors.

Our BIM professionals are experienced in working in a multidisciplinary team across a range of sectors including: civil, landscape and property infrastructure, bridges, ports and maritime and property and buildings.

In addition to BIM, Cardno has also implemented the use of Virtual Reality (VR) technology. The use of VR allows our team to create immersive design experiences for our clients.

The combination of VR and BIM at Cardno has allowed for the ease of collaboration between consultant and client in a multidisciplinary environment.

Cardno employee showing virtual reality (VR) project work


Cardno provided structural engineering support to the iFly complex in Perth, Western Australia.

Cardno enhanced the project by implementing digital capabilities by creating an interface building structure with proprietary SkyVenture equipment, that initially posed an intricate design challenge to the team.

Our team adopted 3D modelling software to coordinate proprietary indoor skydiving equipment iFly Structural Design Metrowest with the structural design of the complex, which helped deliver cost and schedule savings for our client.

Revit and BIM phasing capabilities were utilised to document the construction sequence with pre-assembly of floor frames complete with SkyVenture equipment to be installed on a floor by floor basis delivering safety, cost and schedule benefits.

Integration of complex mechanical systems with the structure on iFLY’s indoor skydiving facility, within the tolerances required to achieve aeronautical performance in the flight zone posed a challenge for our team, and wouldn’t have been possible without the availability of the 3D interface.

Digitally rendered image of Koombana Bridge in Western Australia

Koombana Footbridge

The redevelopment of Koombana Foreshore was undertaken by Cardno, in Western Australia’s south-west region.

The Koombana Footbridge project required the refurbishment of a pedestrian bridge, with new designs. Designers opted for the shape of a buried ship’s hull, featuring fabricated steel ribs up to 7m high over the length of the bridge structure.

To achieve the desired vision, Cardno prepared an accurate and detailed BIM model of the existing bridge structure, this allowed for designers to be able to incorporate both the existing bridge design and with the new concepts being proposed.

Furthermore, BIM methods were used to communicate the construction sequence incorporated into the design ensuring risks associated with the construction were minimised.

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