The more we move, the healthier we are

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There is no denying that transport and health are inextricably linked, and the more we move, the healthier we are.

Studies have shown population patterns of physical activity are influenced by physical and built environments, with features of the built environment such as disconnected street networks and parking options are progressively linked to lower levels of physical activity.

The overarching aim of our Transport Planning professionals, is to lessen the impact of transport on people and the environment. Too often, groups try to encourage people to 'do the right thing' however they do not always have the necessary tools at their disposal to make an informed decision.

Our Green Travel Plans (GTP) are designed to enable people to reconsider their daily travel habits and increase use of sustainable and active modes of transport where possible. GTP’s are an important part of a planning process to ensure capability is built into residential and commercial developments or projects from an early stage.

Our Senior Transport Planner, Alix Oakes believes undoubtedly the work their team undertaking is having a positive impact on public health issues.

“By informing people about all the available travel options in our community, providing support, incentives and information, healthier, safer and more active travel behaviour can be achieved,” Alix said.
Birdseye image of QEII hospital carpark and facility

Cardno has been working with the QEII Medical Centre Trust since 2012 on their Travel Plan relating to the existing and future combined facilities at the QEII Medical Centre in Nedlands, Western Australia.

For a number of years, Alix and her traffic planning team have been collecting travel data to monitor the travel behaviour associated with a major medical and health campus, the QEII Medical Centre, to find ways in which sustainable and active transport modes can be utilised.

Our focus for the next 75 years in the transport sector, is to balance the complexity of traffic needs whilst assisting our clients in delivering and maintaining more livable, workable and healthier spaces to support sustainable development.

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