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We believe that living and operating sustainably will make our business and communities stronger and demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable global economy.

Sustainability is not simply about conserving water and energy use or finding cost saving initiatives. It’s about understanding all the surrounding factors that impact our lives and discovering how that commitment can make a difference to people’s lives around the world.

At Cardno, our approach to sustainability reflects and aligns with our core values.  

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Safety – A foundational aspect of sustainability is ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of community members. By reinforcing the importance of sustainability, we demonstrate our commitment to creating a safe environment for our employees, contractors, clients, and communities.

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Integrity – Increased internal and external transparency around our sustainability metrics and processes exemplifies our mission to know and do the right thing.

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People – Sustainability begins with people. When fully realized, a sustainable company is one in which all employees, clients, and stakeholders engage in a healthy, prosperous, and environmentally responsible world.

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Excellence – A commitment to sustainability demonstrates that Cardno is forward thinking and seeks positive change. We will seek to apply our industry leading environmental, engineering, and social consulting expertise to our own practices. This commitment supports our goal of becoming an industry leading sustainability practitioner.

We strive to find new ways to protect, conserve, and enhance our physical, social, economic and cultural environments, while also responsibly managing the resources and ecosystems on which future generations depend.

At Cardno, we continually look for new ways to be more sustainable. In our Asia Pacific region, we have a newly formed Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) team. The team will work with our already established Sustainability and Infrastructure Planning teams. They will ensure the implementation of ESD principles in projects from the concept stage by exploring various sustainability options available.

Sustainability is an integration. It is not about asking how we can make one object or process sustainable, but how we can ensure all aspects of that object and process are sustainable. Our International Development teams are working on projects such as IRAT, SDS, and ReCAP that include sustainability at every level, through planning, development, and implementation.

Our environmental teams in the Americas region are working hard to set precedent for the rest of the company, building a framework to deliver comprehensive corporate sustainability reporting to our stakeholders. Our sustainability task force regularly meets and has put forth a model plan which will comply with the internationally-regarded SASB framework.  

With Cardno’s global footprint, we are committed to creating sustainable, long-term value focused on social, economic, environmental, and governance excellence.

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75 years of great people, 75 years of community-defining projects and 75 years of making a difference. Make sure you check out the other moments in our history!