Providing water security

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Australia’s regional communities formulate the backbone of the country. They contribute heavily to the nation, providing a hub of culture and a home to some of the nation’s biggest and most well-known industries.

The most recent drought which has gripped the country is having a significant toll on these communities, slowing down industry and leaving residents concerned about when the essential resource will be no longer available.

Guyra, a town on the Northern Tablelands in region New South Wales, Australia, was one of the many Australian regional communities who was facing major water issues, with the town’s two dams being significantly depleted die to the recent weather conditions.

To help provide greater water security to the town of 2,500, Cardno was engaged by the Armidale Regional Council to finalise the 18 kilometre pipeline route from Malpas Dam to the Guyra Water Treatment Plant.

Our role on the project included the undertaking of the preliminary design, procurement of a Design and Construct contractor, contract superintendency and project management services.

The pipeline, which will provide water security to Guyra, activated in times of drought to deliver portable water supply to residents and local industry.

Since the drying up of the two dams, residents had been relying on trucked in-water for a two-month period.

The pipeline was successfully delivered four months ahead of schedule and was operational one month before the current water source for Guyra was depleted.

At its official launch on 8 October, 2019, Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW, John Barilaro, said it’s an “important step in water security,” as the need to secure this essential resource is as crucial as ever.

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