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For a majority of the population, accessing public infrastructure and spaces is something we don’t think twice about.

Unfortunately for many Australian’s living with a disability, this isn’t the case.

Often, older public facilities were built without the consideration for their needs, decreasing the amount of areas they are able to access without assistance, impacting their ability to live an independent life many of us take for granted. 

To help combat this important issue, the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1992 and the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2004 has been implemented by the Australian Government and state governments to ensure that public infrastructure and sites are accessible for all.

Recognising the need for an easy to use auditing and assessment tool to assess public infrastructure and sites against these important legislative requirements Cardno developed a mobile application which allows auditors to easily assess and collect crucial data to inform clients and stakeholders of areas which do not meet legislation.

The mobile application is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and provides a structured and user-friendly interface that allows auditors to fill out a digital inspection form during the assessment that is pre-loaded with the latest legislative requirements.
Image of bus stop

The application also allows auditors to take geo-tagged photos and videos of public infrastructure and sites being assessed to provide a greater understanding of the audited site while also collecting relevant live data.

The live data collected is instantly fed through the application to a centralised location, checked and formulated into detailed reports for clients and stakeholders to provide them with an understanding of areas which are not compliant.

The application has been utilised by both the public and private sector who are looking to increase the accessibility of their assets to meet legislative requirements to ensure there is access to all Australians.

Currently across Queensland, we have audited more than 500 schools, 86 court houses, five hospitals, more than 250 bus stops and more than 60 residential buildings helping to improve accessibility.

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