Getting the all-important work-life balance right

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Balancing work, life and well-being is important to Cardno and we provide a number of initiatives and opportunities, both social and professional, to help our staff have a happy working life here at Cardno.

Here at Cardno, we understand our people are our biggest asset. They are out there in our communities working hard delivering projects and providing services that are making a difference globally.

A big part of creating this environment is to come together and celebrate the achievements of our people.

In Australia, we do this in our own unique way at our famous Mid-Year event, which was started by our Brisbane office in 1994 as an opportunity to bring everyone from South East Queensland together.

Since its inception 26 years ago, the event has spread across the country, with staff from both metropolitan and regional offices in different cities coming together, often in fancy dress, to connect, reflect and celebrate.

Many of our offices around the country also have Social Committees, bringing people in offices together for more casual social events and activities and sporting events.

Our community focus doesn’t just stop in our daily roles, it also shows up in how we come together as a team on a social level.

Each year, staff participate in charity and fundraising events across Australia, including Paddle for Kids, Movember, MSWA Ocean Ride, 42 Hour Challenge, charity fun runs and other localised events.

Cardno employees partcipating in Paddle for Kids rowing event in Brisbane river
Professionally, we like to provide our staff with the opportunity to grow and be leaders within their field.

This starts from the very first day, as our new Graduates are put into a program which helps them transition from student to an emerging professional who is able to contribute and make an immediate difference.

We also continue to foster this development post our emerging professionals through our Young Professional’s Group, which brings staff together in the formative stages of their careers for fun social, networking and professional development events monthly.

We also provide all staff the opportunity to join their relevant professional associations, attend conferences related to their field and expand their knowledge through further study thanks to a number of internal initiatives and industry partnerships.

Providing our people with an environment which fosters collaboration, interaction and personal and professional development we believe helps provide a happy and balanced working life.

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75 years of great people, 75 years of community-defining projects and 75 years of making a difference. Make sure you check out the other moments in our history!

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