Evolving transport networks in South East Queensland

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Graduate’s mission to communities switch from horse to peddle power.

Brisbane-based Graduate Traffic Engineer, Casey Schackow, is playing his part in the continuing evolution of Transport networks in the South East Queensland region, working with local government areas (LGA’s) to implement active transport solutions, allowing commuters to switch from horsepower to peddle power in order to get where they need to go each day.

The Queensland transport networks, which we utilise every day, have changed significantly as cities and towns continue to grow and the needs of the community continue to change. Casey and his team worked with Brisbane City Council to implement an active transport network in the city’s inner suburb of Woolloongabba.

As a keen cyclist, providing sustainable and active alternative transport networks to the communities across the region is a passion of Casey’s and he hopes that this new way changes the way we look at getting from A to B now and into the future. Ride along with Casey as he takes you on a tour of the new bikeway.

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