Evolution of our engagement in global health

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Cardno International Development’s work in health extends back to our early days nearly 30 years ago, through which we have implemented 200 global health projects.

Cardno has worked to improve health systems and outcomes, delivering multi-sector and adaptive data-driven models to address public health challenges. To bolster public health gains, Cardno has worked with commercial, nonprofit and faith-based organizations employing incentive-driven market systems models to maximize private sector engagement and reduce the burden of care on resource-constrained public facilities.

In Kenya, Cardno employed social franchising, professional networking and pooled procurement models to motivate private providers to offer better quality services and lower prices to attract the working poor. Cardno’s DFID-funded “PharmNet” is now the second largest pharmacy network in Africa, having reached 3.2 million consumers since 2016.

With USAID funding from the Development Credit Authority (DCA) guarantees and backed by the Swedish government, Cardno stimulated growth of Uganda’s rural private health sector under the Uganda Private Health Support Program (PHS) by building business credit management capacity, and enabling disbursement of nearly $4 million to 90 private health sector borrowers.

Ten years ago, Cardno shifted to new territory with our project under the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – a government agency that has taken on significant spotlight in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Addressing the epidemic of different virus, HIV/AIDS, the CDC project focused on Africa (Public Private Partnership for PEPFAR countries, or P4). Over the years, Cardno’s in-house public health team has included doctors, nurses and other public health experts.

The partnerships began with an “HIV-Free Generation” in one country – Kenya – and expanded to more than 15 PEPFAR-supported countries in sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and Asia. The Cardno team grew the portfolio from one global partnership in 2009 to more than 20, including partners such as MTV, Viacom, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

One resulting program of the partnerships was the “MTV Shuga” television series and media campaign, which was awarded a top 5 finalist by the Concordia P3 Impact Award in 2016. The popular television program reached millions of youth throughout Africa with HIV/AIDS prevention and testing messaging.  

Today, our Vanuatu Health Program (VHP) continues Australia’s collaboration with the Vanuatu government’s Ministry of Health (MOH). VHP focuses on corporate services, public health priorities, and workforce development. This program is ensuring a committed MOH leadership willing to provide effective oversight and stewardship of the health sector. It is targeting the highest evidence based public health priorities to meet community needs. And it is strengthening the clinical competency of doctors and nurses.

Our Australian Government-funded KESATUAN, or Support for Health Security in Indonesia and the Indo–Pacific, is comprised of two distinct health programs. The Australia Indonesia Health Security Partnership (AIHSP) builds on strong partnership with Indonesia's Ministries of Health, Agriculture and other relevant agencies and on previous Australian aid investment achievements in emerging infectious disease preparedness.

Its counterpart, the Health Security Initiative (HSI) is currently providing flexible support on activities for the coming three years. These activities – based on an agreed-upon annual work plan, budget and tasking notes – include advisor recruitments, event and workshop support, and small grants provisions.

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