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Cardno has played a strong role delivering transportation and traffic projects across the Asia Pacific Region for many years, creating a connected world through systems and infrastructure to transport people faster and more safely.

The team has delivered various services including standalone traffic planning for small communities and developments, through to major event planning and managing large-scale infrastructure and integrated transportation projects.

Our traffic and transport models and designs are based on detailed assessments of land use, traffic growth, public transport integration, travel demand management and planning, and deliver sustainable transport solutions.

Cardno played a significant role in the following transport projects:

Digital render of Transmission Gully highway in New Zealand

Transmission Gully

The Transmission Gully Motorway project is a 27km, four-lane motorway featuring four interchanges and two new link roads between Wellington and the lower and central North Island.

This project is one of the most significant single pieces of road construction in the lower North Island of New Zealand, proving to be safer and more reliable for motorists, and having a higher ability to resist and recover from earthquakes and storms.

Cardno provided civil engineering, landscape architecture and ecology services during the construction of the motorway.

Image of Legacy Way in Brisbane being constructed

Legacy Way

In 2011, Cardno played a vital role on Legacy Way (formerly North Link Tunnel) by providing world class design and more than a third of the project resources to the design alliance for Legacy Way, which was named Project of the Year at the 2015 National Infrastructure Awards.

The Legacy Way tunnel in Brisbane allows users to save approximately 14 minutes per journey and provides a greener and peaceful experience.

Our teams of technical experts delivered tunnel, acoustics, road, structures, hydrology and geotechnical design as well as traffic management and construction support.

Cardno’s environmental approval specialists also supported the construction during negotiation phase to fast-track approvals and facilitate early construction works. 

The tunnel was opened for use on 25 June 2015, and with immediate effect, the above ground congestion was considerably alleviated.

Bridge built for Eastern Indonesia National Road Improvement Project

Bringing our domestic expertise to the world

We are working in developing countries on road infrastructure and transport projects to ensure people can get from Point A to Point B safely.

From the design of roads using the latest technology to implementing safety plans, we are covering all bases in developing countries to deliver safe and reliable transport solutions. 

Learn more about our work in these countries.

Aerial image of North East Link at Koonung Creek Wetlands

North East Link - Early Works

The North East Link is the largest transport project in Victoria’s history. The project will fix the missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network, connecting the M80 with an upgraded Eastern Freeway. It will be a safe and efficient freeway connection for up to 135,000 vehicles a day, linking key growth areas in the north and south-east. The Early Works Package comprised the critical enabling works to enable efficient and value-for-money delivery of the Primary and Secondary packages, along with minimising critical interfaces and de-risking the North East Link.

Cardno is engaged by CPB Contractors as Lead Designers, Utility Coordinators and Digital Engineering Leads for the planning phase of the project.

Up to 135,000 vehicles will use North East Link every day, reducing congestion in the north-east while maintaining local roads for local trips.

Person looking at Cardno 75 Years website page

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