Celebrations in America, pre COVID-19

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Before COVID-19 our teams held celebrations to acknowledge our 75th year of operation. Check out how some of our teams around America celebrated.

Cincinnati office ice curling

Earlier in January, the Cincinnati office held an ice curling tournament at the Indian Hill Winter Club. It was a great team bonding experience and congratulations to Joel Thrash, Kaitlin Hillier, and Nick Willse on their team win!

Portland office holds chili cook-off

On Thursday, Feb. 27 the Portland office hosted a chili cook-off for National Chili Day! Karen Tang won for best overall, Dan Morrison won for spiciest and Becky Strickler won for most unique. Looks delicious!

Person looking at Cardno 75 Years website page

75 years of great people, 75 years of community-defining projects and 75 years of making a difference. Make sure you check out the other moments in our history!

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