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Our environments are changing all around us. Natural disasters are almost impossible to control and the effects can be devastating.

The good news is, we are beginning to make more of a conceivable effort to build long-term resilience into our strategic frameworks and are responding more pragmatically to our ever-changing world. The key to resilience is to adapt and mitigate risk where possible, so our communities aren’t left vulnerable and on the brink of survival.

At Cardno, we are making every effort to help our communities prepare for impact in the event of a disaster. From providing fit-for-purpose bushfire management and planning, to assessing environmental impacts for diverse infrastructure projects; we bring resilience to the forefront as we strive to transform and generate diversity through a simple and reliable approach.

Image of water bladder used in Wellington, New Zealand

The Community Infrastructure Resilience (CIR) programme ensures water is available when a major earthquake strikes. It has greatly improved the resiliency and emergency preparedness of Wellington Water

Water Resilience in New Zealand

In 2015, Cardno began their partnership with Wellington Water to work on resilience planning for the Wellington Community. A high-risk location for earthquakes and landslides, any major event in New Zealand’s capital would severely damage water supply pipelines and treatment plants, resulting in a shortage of drinkable water.

Through this work, we have helped identify the vulnerabilities of the water supply network that could lead to many suburbs being without water for 100 days or more when a major earthquake or landslide strikes. This work led to the development of Wellington Water’s 80-30-80 strategy.

It was only days after the Kaikoura quake ripped through Wellington in November 2016, that Cardno and Wellington Water were driving the 80-30-80 strategy into action.

By June 2017, the $12-million Community Infrastructure Resilience (CIR) programme was implemented to help ensure emergency water would be available to every member of the community when a major earthquake strikes. The data derived from the 80-30-80 strategy led to the success of the project delivery, from concept to completion, in just 12 months.

Birdseye image of houses surrounded by fire affected bush land

Aerial imagery of burned bushland captured by a Cardno field team.

Australian Bushfire Recovery

This year, Australia experienced extreme bushfire conditions right around the country. The reports about this emergency have been confronting, with many homes and rural towns lost, families displaced and wildlife – koalas, kangaroos and other animals were lost or badly injured in the fires.

Working with Asplundh Tree Expert (Australia) Pty Ltd, Endeavour Energy and public volunteers, Cardno participated in the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) National Bushfire Recovery Map-a-thon on February 9, with a key focus on a region ravaged by the bushfires – Kangaroo Island. 

The Map-a-thon is a coordinated online mapping event. The purpose of the Map-a-thon was to collect information relating to burnt infrastructure (homes, buildings, facilities, fences and power lines) and use this data to improve and to help disaster risk assessment and energy management. Map-a-thon’s use an online site for storing map data, for example, Google Maps and OpenStreetMap.

Earlier that week, our ecology, data acquisition and GIS teams went to the South Coast of NSW to deploy a remotely piloted aircraft. This drone was fitted with a thermal camera to assist a wildlife sanctuary in the assessment of their property and the search for fauna in the surrounding bushland. In addition, Cardno also partnered with a local fruit and vegetable business to deliver food and water to the animals.

As we move through our 75th year of operation, we are proud to continue partnering with clients who share the vision of accelerating long-term resilience for our future. Our community approach is being engaged by utilities, infrastructure, GIS and environment professionals to help find different ways to tackle increasingly challenging and changing environments.

Person looking at Cardno 75 Years website page

75 years of great people, 75 years of community-defining projects and 75 years of making a difference. Make sure you check out the other moments in our history!