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For more than 25 years, our nursery has provided top-quality native seed and plant material, natural bioengineering solutions, and professional consulting services. This work has helped take restoration projects across the country to the next level.

Our Cardno Native Plant Nursery team has helped deliver aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sound projects to our clients. 

Since its founding in 1994 as the JFNew Native Plant Nursery, this 130-acre facility in Walkerton, Indiana, has continued to flourish. The nursery’s seed and plant product line continues to expand each season along with the nursery’s operations.  

This nursery offers more than 350 native plant species available in a variety of options, along with standard and customized seed mixes, all to help create native habitats and contribute to the success of restoration projects.

The facility added a 10,000-square-foot barn in 2018 to allow for more seed storage and processing space. The nursery’s seed quality continues to improve with the use of more effective weed control measures and seed cleaning tools.  

At the end of 2019, the nursery started construction on a new greenhouse range. Once completed, it will be used primarily to grow aquatic plants for deeper water restoration projects.  

Every two years, Cardno Native Plant Nursery hosts an open house – a full day of native plant activities, facility tours and educational opportunities. Each year, the event gets larger, offers more to clients, and grows the nursery’s reputation as a go-to provider of native plants.  

Whether its helping stabilize streambanks and lakeshores, establishing native plants for pollinators, or supporting Monarch butterfly habitats around the country, Cardno Native Plant Nursery has paved a trail of success.

Check out this infographic on what our nursery team has been able to deliver in its more than 25 years of operation.  

Info graphic with Cardno Native Plant Nursery statistics

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75 years of great people, 75 years of community-defining projects and 75 years of making a difference. Make sure you check out the other moments in our history!