The Methodist Hospital Outpatient Care Center Structural Engineering

Location: Texas; United States; North America

Cardno was engaged to provide a structural system that allowed maximum use of a confined project site and delivered flexibility for the Methodist Hospital’s future needs.


The 27-story, 1.8 million square foot building includes a 13-story clinic, 12 levels of above-grade parking, and two levels of below-grade parking. The below-grade parking required an excavation bordered by light rail or existing hospital buildings on all sides.

Cardno responded by ringing the excavation with cantilevered circular concrete soldier piles, which shored the perimeter, ensuring the structural integrity of the hospital’s neighbors. We uniquely included the retention system as part of the permanent foundation, which combines mat foundations with the perimeter soldier piles capped with a deep transfer beam to support the perimeter columns. This allowed the building to be built to the extremities of the property, delivering a more spacious facility.

We used a cast-in-place concrete pan-joist floor system ideal for a healthcare environment because it allows repurposing of floors to meet future needs. Cardno also accommodated the hospital’s request to place three linear accelerator vaults for cancer treatment on the third floor. These vaults normally include four-to-eight feet thick concrete walls and are placed on the ground due to their weight. We solved this challenge by working with radiation contamination experts and developing a unique vault that uses two-foot thick concrete with lead to save weight and provide the same radiation containment.

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