Zis a ba Estuary Restoration

Location: Washington; United States; North America

Cardno engineers, cultural resource experts, and scientists worked with the Stillaguamish Tribe to support the restoration of riverine and tidal process to nearly 100 acres of diked former tidal marsh.

The project will assist the threatened Chinook salmon and steelhead as well as provide nursery habitat for Dungeness crabs and other fish, waterfowl, and wildlife.

Key project elements include a new setback dike to protect agricultural lands and other infrastructure; seven dike breaches to connect new dendritic tidal channels, and the creation of mudflat, intertidal, and high salt marsh habitat.

The project is a part of the Stillaguamish tribe’s efforts to restore functioning ecosystems that support expanded treaty fishing and hunting opportunities. The site is named “zis a ba” for a highly respected Stillaguamish tribal chief who led the tribe in the 1800s.

Click here to watch a video about the completed project.