Outer Island Maritime Infrastructure Project - Detailed Engineering Design Consultant (PDA)

Location: Tuvalu; Australasia

Cardno is assisting ADB and the Government of Tuvalu to improve Tuvalu’s outer islands maritime facilities by providing Detailed Engineering Design Consultant for the Outer Island Maritime Infrastructure Project.

The Outer Island Maritime Infrastructure Project will:

  • rehabilitate and improve maritime infrastructure in selected outer islands of Tuvalu, some of which were damaged by Tropical Cyclone Pam in March 2015; and
  • improve safety, efficiency and sustainability of maritime transportation between Funafuti, the capital, and outer islands.

The Project will help Tuvalu overcome connectivity problems that constrain its economic and social development. To overcome the connectivity challenge, the Government is committed to improve the maritime transportation network.

Cardno will establish design criteria suitable for ANZ Standards; prepare detailed engineering designs including drawings of wharf, ramp, access road, breakwaters and other facilities in Nanumaga, Nuitao, Nui and Nukulaelae; and provide assistance to MCT / Project Management Unit in coordination with the Central Procurement Unit of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development for their procurement activities from invitation to contract award.