Cardno supports the grand opening of the Ohio Department of Transportation’s World War I Red Poppy Remembrance Garden


​Cardno is a proud supporter of the Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) upcoming centennial celebration of the end of World War I (WWI). The celebration culminates with ODOT’s grand opening and dedication of its WWI Red Poppy Remembrance Garden on May 24, 2018.
The celebration takes place at the Interstate 70 eastbound rest area at the Clark/Madison County line. The dedication ceremony begins at 10am with several state and local dignitaries, veterans and their families, and the general public in attendance. More details can be found on ODOT’s website.
“Ohio played an active role in World War I and suffered great consequences as a result,” said Joel Hunt, ODOT Highway Beautification Program Administrator. “This garden not only pays tribute to the veterans of the Great War, but all Ohioans who supported the war efforts here at home.”
The garden honors those individuals who lost their lives in WWI, particularly the approximately 6,500 soldiers from Ohio. Visitors to the garden will learn more about Ohio’s role in WWI and its current partnerships with Veterans Service Organizations around the state.
The Red Poppy (Papaver rhoeas), is native to Europe and bloomed in the battlefields and cemeteries all over Europe after World War I. As a result, the Red Poppy became the national symbol of the American Legion.
Cardno’s role included growing and supplying the more than 1,600 full-size red poppies for the commemorative garden. Staff also developed the commemorative posters and seed packets provided at the dedication ceremony and the permanent sign explaining Ohio’s role in WWI and the symbol of the red poppy. The posters will also be displayed at Ohio’s State House in Columbus.
Following the early to mid-summer poppy blooms, the commemorative garden will be replanted and completely transitioned into a native pollinator garden in fulfilment of ODOTs commitment to increased pollinator habitat and support for Ohio’s Pollinator Habitat Initiative. 

Cardno’s Native Plant Nursery grew more than 1,600 annual poppy plants with approximately one out of every three plantings infused with an Ohio native pollinator species. Cardno staff completed the installation and will be maintaining the site through June 2018.
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