Cardno civil expert presents at 2017 Stormwater NSW Conference


​Stephen Gribble, a stormwater engineer at Cardno, will deliver a presentation at the 2017 Stormwater NSW Conference held from 6-8 September in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

The conference theme is “Building the Momentum”. The theme resonates with Newcastle’s story of growing through change and recognises the importance of stormwater as one of many factors integral to the liveability and resilience of Australian cities, and achieve a truly integrated approach to its management.

Stephen Gribble, one of Cardno’s senior engineers in the Urban Infrastructure Business Unit, will present a paper titled Assessing Directly Connected Impervious Areas in Residential Subdivisions in Western Sydney, NSW. The paper builds on a research carried out by Cardno’s Water and Environmental team for the 2016 edition of Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR). Previous research shows that that the use of total impervious area (TIA) can result in the overestimation of urban runoff volumes.

This paper provides estimates of directly connected impervious (DCIA) area for residential subdivisions. The assessment found that the estimated DCIA was significantly lower than the TIA specified from Local Government design guidelines. This suggests that stormwater infrastructure in new subdivisions may be oversized. A copy of the conference abstract is available here.

Stephen Gribble has 18 years of professional engineering experience in the areas of hydrology, hydraulics, computer modelling, floodplain management and stormwater drainage design. He has worked in a wide range of projects including flood studies, stormwater drainage investigations, and stormwater design for major roads, residential subdivisions, and infill residential, commercial and industrial developments.

You can learn more about 2017 Stormwater NSW Conference on their page here.

For more information contact:

Stephen Gribble
Senior Civil Engineer
+61 2 9496 7700