Water Resources

Cardno develops sustainable, effective approaches to water resource management by integrating science and engineering, economics and regulatory compliance expertise with an understanding of natural systems.

We help public and private clients estimate future water demands, identify water sources, support stakeholder integration, develop balanced water portfolios, and forecast, address and comply with regulatory issues. Cardno identifies major water sources and develops solutions that use, protect and restore water resources while reducing water use conflicts.
We partner with clients to develop sustainable, cost-efficient solutions that meet goals and balance conservation with community water needs.
Water Supply Planning and Permitting
Cardno helps address issues related to water withdrawal, storage, delivery, use, reuse, and conservation. We assess water supply demands, identify water supply feasibility, develop storage and conveyance solutions, implement conservation programs, and protect watersheds.
Our experience in environmental flow science and management helps balance and resolve in- and out-of-stream uses, and provides solutions to reservoir stream flow issues. We work closely with regulatory agencies and prepare compliance documentation.
Water Rights
Our knowledge of water law and regulations helps clients obtain, evaluate, transfer, and protect water rights. We conduct due diligence; appraise water rights; facilitate water rights transfers to water reserve, banking and trust programs; and determine water availability and appropriation for watershed plans and long-term water supply management.
Water Resource Economics
Our economists have completed hundreds of water resource studies. We analyze water demands, optimal uses and water pricing, water agency costs and customer rate structures. Cardno also performs cost-benefit water resource and flood control project studies and appraises water sold or leased.
Lake and Stream Restoration
Cardno designs solutions that control sediment transport, nutrient runoff, and other factors which may impact water quality and aquatic habitat. We use hydraulics and geomorphology to perform diagnostic studies and understand lake and stream systems. Our channel form, bed composition, riparian vegetation and fish habitat field assessments help develop successful design and engineering solutions. 
Watershed Management Plans
Cardno develops sound watershed management plans that provide a framework for watershed management decision and direction.  We assist with the completion of grant applications, and once funded, develop collaborative watershed management plans and design/build solutions.
Cardno identifies and prioritizes issues impacting the watershed, develops alternative solutions, and quantifies the benefits. We also analyze water quality, lead public meetings, and survey aquatic plants, macro invertebrates, mussels and fish. We develop versatile watershed management plans that meet agency recommendations, help obtain additional government funding for implementation, and support full implementation of the watershed management plan.