Subsurface Utility Engineering

Cardno provides subsurface utility engineering (SUE) services to increase the understanding of underground utilities for project owners, utility owners, designers, engineers and contractors.

We deliver accurate mapping information of existing underground utilities, allowing clients to make informed decisions, avoid costly conflicts or project delays, and eliminate risk.

Our expert SUE teams manage all aspects of utility relocations and redesigns, including avoiding and resolving utility conflicts and addressing construction issues.

Cardno has provided subsurface utility engineering services for more than three decades and has the most complete utility investigation toolbox and fleet in the world. Our depth of experience and resources enables our professionals to provide clients with customiszed, cost-efficient solutions to meet all project needs.

SUE is applied throughout the lifecycle of a project from concept phase to design, through to construction and finalization. 

Our SUE services

3-D Underground Imaging helps us locate underground utilities and provide vertical data without the use of test holes. It can also locate other non-utility structures that may impact on projects, and can be configured to exact specifications.

With extensive experience in utility coordination and negotiation, Cardno has strong relationships with governments (particularly transport departments), utility companies, engineering and consulting firms. Our staff includes former government engineers who have been involved in policy development and implementation.

Each utility coordination project begins with an initial investigation. Once base plans are produced, detailed coordination begins, including negotiating with all stakeholders. After completion, Cardno follows up with post-design utility coordination.

Cardno offers utility owners comprehensive solutions for their utility system requirements, including implementation of new systems, repairing, upgrading, extending or expanding existing systems or relocating utility facilities due to roadway improvements.

Cardno operates a fleet of state-of-the-art ground penetrating radar systems, which detect metallic and non-metallic, natural and man-made underground features, including: utilities, storage tanks, rebar, sinkholes, voids, water tables, buried artifacts, land mines and graves.

Our experts have mastered the traditional and cutting-edge services of surveying and mapping, with our highly trained consultants adept with global positioning systems, geographic information systems and CADD for data integration and evaluation.

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