Spill Response

​Cardno professionals have been involved in spill response since the 1970s.  We provide the experience, in-depth technical expertise, and diverse range of resources necessary to conduct thorough emergency response to spills as well as training for response.

Reducing the liabilities and impacts associated with spills requires an understanding of the operation, local environmental conditions, and applicable regulations. Cardno stands above other consulting firms due to our multidisciplinary focus on energy, water, and natural resource management, endangered species, and ecosystem restoration projects.

Our team responds to spills both domestically and internationally, and in environments ranging from the Arctic to coral reefs and mangrove forests. This experience provides valuable insights into the characteristic behavior of different oil/chemical types in the environment, an awareness of the successes and failures of various response actions under varying conditions, an understanding of how to collect meaningful environmental samples and documentation, and an appreciation for the environmental implications of diverse situations and actions.

Cardno professionals can be mobilized for emergency spill response within hours by calling toll-free 1-800-476-5886. Additional support personnel can be quickly mobilized as needed.