Underground Utility Quality levels

There are four recognized quality levels of underground utility information. These enable project owners to determine the level of information and accuracy they require for their project. Cardno has been involved in the development of these important standards in both the United States and Australia (click here to view media release).

>  Quality Level D: Review of existing subsurface utility information

Our coordinators source existing utility records and other information relating to subsurface utilities, reviewing this information and also ensuring that it is up to date, maintained and accuracy rated.

>  Quality Level C: Investigation of surface features

Survey and field staff undertake field observations and/or survey visible surface features that are traditionally associated with subsurface utilities, such as pits/manholes and valves/hydrants.

>  Quality Level B: Surface geophysical methods

Cardno applies technology to designate subsurface utilities without disturbing existing conditions.

>  Quality level A: Validation of utilities/ Non-destructive digging

Utilities identified in the early phases of the investigation process are validated by vacuum excavation. This includes horizontal and vertical position of utility, size, material, and condition.