Project Feasibility

Cardno has provided a wide range of site and development assessment and feasibility services on more than 10,000 projects. We draw on technical, financial and economic experts to prepare business cases that meet relevant treasury or private financier requirements.

Our transaction and due diligence services are designed to provide clients with vital information before property acquisitions or transactions take place. We take into consideration a site’s natural resources, physical features and historic land use and entitlements, as well as engineering parameters such as infrastructure provision, subsurface characteristics, and drainage and access considerations.

Throughout the due diligence process, our staff undertakes a comprehensive analysis of business risks and potential values that encompasses the needs of each project and guides clients through the decision making process.

Our expertise, however, goes beyond the technical – we know that feasibility includes social and environmental considerations and our multidisciplinary teams assist project sponsors to address all aspects of project development.