Monitoring, Permitting and Compliance

Cardno specialises in collecting and assessing data to effectively characterise sites and maintain regulatory compliance. Our scientists ensure compliance with thorough sampling protocols and develop comprehensive reports with easy-to-understand analysis.

Cardno’s regulatory compliance professionals provide insights that streamline the permitting process and provide innovative approaches that meet project needs and save time. Our teams engage with stakeholders to establish baseline information that translates into effective analysis and defensible reports that address your specific requirements.

Cardno navigates through and streamlines the permitting, compliance and documentation process to help you achieve your goals. Some areas of Cardno’s permitting and compliance expertise include:

  • Preparing strong, scientifically sound, and defensible documents that address a project’s specific needs, including environmental assessments (EA), environmental impact statements (EIS) and environmental impact reports (EIR)
  • Delivering extensive experience with and knowledge of water quality and wetlands regulations
  • Conducting air quality compliance audits and assessments for existing facilities along with regulatory feasibility studies for development projects
  • Developing innovative solutions to address the challenges of endangered species regulations
  • Collecting data and facilitating permitting associated with cultural resource and historical policies
  • Understanding agency standard procedures and requirements, public and stakeholder concerns, and resource issues
  • Providing expertise in impact analysis, avoidance, minimisation, and mitigation measures
  • Performing management system audits that assess the performance of facilities, evaluate noncompliance issues, minimise liability and reduce operating costs
  • Implementing ISO 14001-compliant Environmental Management Systems (EMSs) that manage regulatory compliance needs, improve environmental performance, and achieve continuous improvement
  • Helping clients comply with regulatory requirements associated with hazardous materials and waste.