Cardno works with mining operations of all sizes to develop integrated solutions by leveraging our in-depth industry experience, seamlessly delivering multidisciplinary services, and providing advanced engineering technologies.
Cardno mining engineers, geologists, civil engineers, hydro-geologists, environmental scientists, geotechnical engineers, planners and regulatory experts are both highly accredited within their professions and directly experienced within the mining industry. Our hands-on mining industry experience and knowledge delivers innovative, sustainable solutions to clients who mine resources including coal, metal ores, and industrial minerals and aggregates.
Our growth within the coal industry is based on a commitment to applying and developing advanced engineering and scientific technologies, and hiring and retaining talented coal mining professionals that have transitioned into consultants to serve as your trusted advisors. Our multi-faceted expertise allows us to provide solutions such as:
  • Quantify coal resources and reserves
  • Examine and assess profitably of resources and reserves
  • Determine coal-bed methane levels 
  • Accurately determine subsurface conditions
  • Design and permit coal refuse disposal facilities 
  • Safely mine difficult coal seams
Metal Ores
Metal ore mining operations have grown to be large, complex operations that can significantly impact their surroundings. Cardno delivers accurate assessments and in-depth understanding of how mining operations impact communities, landscapes, ecologies, economies, geology, infrastructure, and soil, air and water quality. We can work with you to develop ways to manage and mitigate these impacts while respecting your operational objectives and budget.
Industrial mineral and aggregates
Production of mined industrial minerals and aggregates is typically more regional than other mining operations due to the high transportation costs associated with those materials. Cardno delivers regional expertise to facilitate our clients’ success around the world. Our professionals work hand-in-hand with clients’ personnel to complement their strengths and needs. We can help supply water to mineral processing facilities, solve complex regional regulatory challenges, and even provide our industry experts working fulltime from your clients’ facilities.