Management Services

Living standards are underpinned by reliable, efficient services such as transportation, clean water supply, sewerage and drainage, power and communications.  These services require significant investment in infrastructure.  Skilled people and effective systems and processes are required to successfully deliver these services and manage the associated infrastructure.  

Cardno has significant experience as a specialist advisor assisting infrastructure owners to optimize investment in and operation of their assets across a project’s whole life cycle. Our professionals provide cutting-edge, targeted reports and services for:

  • Strategic business planning aligned to organizational goals
  • Quantification of service needs, standards and demands including opportunities for management of service demand
  • Planning to meet future service demands and optimize lifecycle costs
  • Project prioritisation to maximize financial, social and environmental outcomes
  • Cost-effective infrastructure procurement, operation and maintenance
  • Capturing and reporting asset data including capacity, value, utilization rates, criticality, condition, performance and residual life
  • Optimizing asset maintenance, renewal and upgrading to maintain or enhance service standards
  • Risk management services
  • Financial sustainability assessments.