GIS, Mapping and Survey

Cardno’s geospatial, mapping and survey services deliver clients the ability to make informed decisions based on access to all relevant spatial data.

We use state-of-the-art technology including GIS, CAD, digital imagery, mapping and spatial analysis, three-dimensional modeling, visual simulation, LIDAR and photogrammetry to provide detailed, site-specific information, identify potential issues, manage assets across large geographic regions in real time, and streamline projects to save clients time and money.
Our personnel use high-tech equipment to record detailed data in the field, provide innovative solutions to upload and assess multiple layers of complex data, and operate top-of-the-line software to simplify complex data into presentable, user-friendly formats such as interactive web-based formats.
Combining practical experience with comprehensive knowledge of ever-changing technological trends and jurisdictional requirements, Cardno’s survey and mapping teams exceed the highest industry standards and deliver detailed, site-specific information. We engage project stakeholders to consider their needs and then identify potential issues clients may encounter during development. Subsequently, we deliver design and construction surveys that streamline projects and deliver cost-savings through construction.
Geospatial Services
Geospatial technology combines key data and visual information from multiple sources and integrates everything into databases to create intelligent maps. The ability to collect, overlay and analyze disparate data sources can reveal patterns, relationships and emerging trends that otherwise might be overlooked. Oftentimes solutions become more apparent through visualization.
Cardno applies geospatial expertise to improve permitting and site selection decisions, transmission line routing, to land use analysis, determination of water rights, and implementation of species recovery and habitat preservation efforts. Our team affords clients critical insight, expert guidance and defensible information for a variety of highly complex environmental and natural resource challenges.