GIS, Mapping and Survey

The team at Cardno is a leader in providing survey and GIS services to ensure that project requirements are supplied on time and prepared in the most cost-effective manner.

We have extensive experience and practical knowledge in all aspects of the geospatial industry, in particular the areas of spatial analysis, land survey, imagery interpretation, remote sensing, information management, web and mobile application development, laser scanning, 3D modelling, BIM (building information modelling) and visualisation.

Cardno has provided geospatial services to a range of clients and industries. Our staff actively participate in their respective industries, contributing to peer reviewed journals and presenting at conferences, to ensure we keep our knowledge current to support your projects. 


Since 1945, Cardno has been dedicated to delivering high quality surveying services to a diverse range of clients and industries. By combining practical and local experience with comprehensive knowledge of ever-changing technological trends and jurisdictional requirements, the experienced survey team at Cardno exceeds the highest industry standards and delivers detailed, site-specific information. We engage project stakeholders to consider their needs and then identify potential issues clients may encounter during development. Subsequently, we deliver design and construction surveys that streamline projects and deliver cost-savings through construction.

Geospatial Services

At Cardno, our spatial capability combines the technology of acquiring, managing, analysing and displaying information in a spatial context, with advanced software, hardware and data to deliver spatially aware solutions. These solutions assist clients in making strategic and operational decisions for environmental, planning, urban development, design and development assistance projects.. The ability to collect, overlay and analyse disparate data sources can reveal patterns, relationships and emerging trends that otherwise might be overlooked. Solutions often become more apparent through visualisation.

GIS can effectively communicate, incorporate and overlay all types of spatial and non-spatial data in a desktop, web, or mobile hardware environment. Information can be obtained from a range of sources and analysed in order to identify and extract geographic trends and relationships that would otherwise be difficult to visualise.

The diverse range of skills at Cardno includes: spatial data management, vector and raster analysis, mobile and web-based GIS solution development, 3D modelling and analysis, and enterprise GIS system design and analysis.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS / UAV / UAS)

Cardno takes a holistic approach to remotely piloted aircraft systems, by integrating GIS, remote sensing and survey, to provide clients with a complete, precise, engineering-grade aerial mapping service. We proactively look for better ways to operate and stay ahead of the technology curve, so we can continue to offer innovative, valued outcomes for our clients. The ability to fly under cloud and dispatch data rapidly is helping to establish RPAS/UAS mapping as  a reliable option for multiple industries.

RPAS/UAS technology is revolutionising critical data capture with a range of uses from obtaining initial site data for planning purposes, monitoring road construction, data capture for volume calculations, as-builts, compliance reporting and monitoring for geotechnical and stabilisation works.

Remote Sensing

Cardno has a team of dedicated remote sensing analysts with proven experience in a wide range of remote sensing techniques including:

  • Image interpretation 
  • Image classification 
  • Feature extraction 
  • Change detection and time series analysis 
  • Multi and hyper spectral analysis 
  • Algorithm development and batch processing 
  • High Resolution Ortho Imagery 
  • 3D Point Clouds 
  • Digital Surface Models (Bare Earth Digital Elevation Model and Highest Hit Digital Surface Model)