Environmental Information Management

Cardno provides comprehensive environmental information management, from implementation to continual improvement, and delivers accurate, relevant data and easy-to-use, integrated software systems.

Our services and products allow our government and industrial clients to make sound decisions and effectively manage their environmental programs, reducing operating costs and liabilities while improving their public image and competitive edge.
Our software-based systems streamline data management, and our experts can customise interfaces, web applications, and analysis and reporting tools.
We have designed or implemented systems including:
  • HMMS (Hazardous Materials Management System)
  • APIMS (Air Program Information Management System)
  • EESOH-MIS (Enterprise Environmental Safety & Occupational Health Management Information System)
  • WebEMIS (Web-based Environmental Management Information System)
  • CRFRS (Cost Reporting and Fund Reimbursement System)
  • SATS (Standards Assessment Tracking System)
  • WITS (Waste Information Tracking System)
  • SEMS (Safety and Environmental Management Systems) Compliance Application
When bridging systems or transitioning data from legacy systems, Cardno establishes consistent data sets and eliminates redundancy to maximize data quality and usability.
We also integrate technology such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 3D visualization and statistical modeling software, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), hand-held devices, barcode scanners, and digital opacity observation to automate processes, expedite data collection, minimize errors, and improve operational efficiency.