For more than 30 years, Cardno has served energy clients ranging from global corporations to local, specialized companies in power generation, renewables, oil and gas, and mining. We understand today’s political and regulatory climate and tailor our services to help clients deliver the energy needed by their communities and consumers, while preparing to meet future regulatory requirements.

Our multidisciplinary teams comprise specialists in areas such as geology, geophysics, engineering, natural resource management, risk management, economics, health and safety, permitting, toxicology, environmental risk assessment and remediation. Cardno knows how to effectively engage stakeholders, meet regulations and deliver technical solutions that meet a project or firm’s short- and long-term needs.
We specialize in helping our clients assess site conditions and corridor routes to identify potential regulatory issues related to wetlands, threatened and endangered species, invasive species, avian, chiropteran (bats), and cultural resources. Early identification and effective stakeholder involvement provides the opportunity to develop management plans to mitigate impacts, including developing siting criteria. Cardno’s goal is to support project requirements and meet regulatory mandates in a cost-effective and socially-responsible manner.