Restoring and maintaining the natural environment has become a critically important community issue.  Cardno specializes in helping clients solve the challenges of growing their businesses while addressing environmental concerns.

Our professional ecologists, biologists, geologists, ecotoxicologists, statisticians, water quality specialists, engineers, regulatory experts and natural resource economists work in partnership with clients to achieve their objectives. We provide science-based ecological solutions to avoid and minimize impacts, and if needed to comply with regulatory requirements and provide the best environmental outcome possible, we can mitigate, restore or enhance natural resources.

We assess, design, restore, monitor, and maintain project sites and natural areas including wetlands, streams, shorelines, native prairies, woodlands, parks, and sensitive habitats.

Cardno delivers full project lifecycle support for:

  • Survey and Assessment: We conduct biological, aquatic, fish, avian, migratory bird, plant, tree, wetland, and waterbody surveys; and soil, habitat, and natural resource damage assessments.
  • Modeling: Cardno ecological models mathematically integrate physical, chemical, and biological processes to estimate risks to populations, communities, and ecosystems, and evaluate alternative management and restoration activities.
  • Engineering: We provide turnkey design-build services and develop customized ecological solutions including natural stream design, natural stormwater treatment, natural soil stabilization, mitigating and restoring wetlands, and constructed treatment wetland systems.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: Cardno improves long-term project success by formulating, providing and monitoring site maintenance solutions, and performing all required activities.
Cardno provides expertise in areas including:
  • Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology: Cardno performs lake and stream diagnostic studies, monitors and assesses water quality, provides hydrological modeling, and develops alternatives such as design-build and watershed management plans that balance business objectives with agency requirements.
  • Invasive Species Management: We analyze the effects of invasive species, recommend successful management solutions, and assist with all associated permitting requirements. Cardno performs formal vegetation monitoring and regular maintenance, using techniques including prescribed burning, selective herbicide application, woody shrub removal, and mowing.
  • Endangered and Threatened Species: We conduct species status reviews, surveys, and habitat assessments; assess population characteristics and threats; and develop conservation or habitat restoration measures, and recovery/conservation strategies for imperiled species.
  • Wetland Management: Cardno conducts wetland determinations and delineations, collecting information on vegetation, hydrology, soils, and other pertinent variables to accurately characterize the current biological functions and values of wetlands. Based on the results, we develop wetland mitigation strategies and develop mitigation banks to offset wetland impacts. We also provide monitoring to support permit compliance and the success of the wetland.
  • Native Landscapes: We work with landscape architects, engineers, contractors, builders, homeowner associations, facilities managers, and property management groups to create and maintain native landscapes. Cardno has broad expertise specifying and installing native plants and seed in a wide range of ecological conditions. Our native plant nursery provides the highest quality native seed, plants, and vegetated erosion control materials. Visit our nursery website for more information -