Asset Management

Cardno helps clients to manage their built and natural assets while monitoring performance, risk and expenditure.

Our teams include asset management professionals with multidisciplinary expertise to support your missions and organizational goals. We offer a big-picture perspective to manage the full lifecycle of assets for education, healthcare, government, military and private sector clients.
Whatever our clients’ goals - to reduce energy use, maximize productivity of space, upgrade ageing infrastructure or to comply with government requirements - we have the experience needed to identify the best strategies to enhance overall performance.

Horizontal Infrastructure
To reliably deliver the utility, energy, and transportation infrastructure we depend on, clients need accurate, real-time information on assets. Cardno turns basic utility data into dynamic information that allows clients to:
  • Prioritize and schedule work orders to address current conditions and schedule future inspections
  • Reduce utility expenses associated with missing and unreliable utility information
  • Prioritize rehabilitation and replacement (R&R) activities for capital improvement planning
  • Easily update an enterprise GIS database as utilities are constructed or retired and integrate CAD and GIS applications for planning, mapping and design
  • Determine projected infrastructure demands and alternatives, and assess and acquire property needed for projected demands.
Vertical infrastructure
Cardno helps clients to gain a holistic understanding of their buildings and facilities, allowing them to elevate their performance, reduce costs, and maximize their  value. We start by assessing the condition of properties and then deliver immediate value and long-term benefits by helping clients:
  • Optimize space and maximize energy and water conservation opportunities
  • Determine sustainment, restoration and modernization requirements
  • Manage property holdings information via a single point of access
  • Analyze and manage facility maintenance, renovation, and repair activities, and document future deferred maintenance requirements to keep your asset operating
  • Quickly assess the value of a potential investment or divestiture.
Our inventory management systems allow custom implementations, including the ability to schedule reinspection, arrange maintenance, plan equipment rotation, and propose obsolescence and replacement dates. We work with clients to understand their business processes and customize our software to provide user-friendly, software-automated systems that save time, ensure accurate equipment data, and meet specific needs.
Natural resources
A well-designed strategy for evaluating natural assets can increase revenue, reduce remediation costs and future liabilities, improve the corporate balance sheet, enhance the company’s reputation with key stakeholders, and advance sustainability objectives. Our environmentally-focused business solutions framework helps clients evaluate property management options using the tangible and intangible criteria that are important to them.