Renat Chintalov

Manager, Finance and Accounting

Think accounting might be boring? Think again.  As a Senior Staff Accountant at Cardno, Renat Chintalov says every day is an adventure.

Working as an integral member of Cardno’s International Development Assistance team in Washington DC, Renat’s job is a slice of Cardno’s 40-year legacy of working in 100+ countries to investigate the causes of poverty and improve the infrastructure that sustains communities.

“It is rewarding to be part of a team involved in making a difference to communities around the world. The work that Cardno does in emerging markets is perhaps a lesser known aspect of our global business, but in many ways it can be the most inspirational,” says Renat.

“As an accounting professional, I really enjoy working on the numbers-side with the determined and professional people in the team.  Every day, there are always new challenges and great solutions.”

Renat is widely accomplished, holding a Master's Degree in Finance, a Bachelor's Degree in International Business and he is is fluent in three languages: English, Russian, and Udi (native).  Before immigrating from Russia to the United States in 2009, he lived in countries such as Azerbaijan (at the heart of the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia) and Turkmenistan, an eclectic country that oozes history.

“Working in such diverse countries, each with their own deep history, cultural nuances and ways of doing things, has helped me hone valuable skills and knowledge in accounting and finance. It’s given me a global perspective, which is essential in the team I work in.”

Renat says if you care about your job and what you do, it will always make a difference.

“Addressing new challenges together with my colleagues and team members, and helping them with their accounting needs not only helps build a great work environment, but also helps me grow professionally.”

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