Jim Ambrosino

Archaeologist V

Dr. Jim Ambrosino is one of Cardno’s most experienced archaeologists.

He specialises in prehistoric cultures, and has been principal investigator on over 250 cultural resource projects for military, pipeline, telecommunication, transportation and development clients.

With more than 25 years of experience in archaeological surveys throughout the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean, Jim’s job is to minimize potential harm and damage to historic properties, and to develop cultural resource management plans for various agencies.

“When it comes to engineering, the potential impact on significant archaeological or historic sites is of crucial importance. I assist my clients to meet their project goals while helping them be stewards of the past,” says Jim.

He has extensive experience on a variety of archaeological projects, including cultural resource inventories, reconnaissance surveys, large and small-scale cultural resource assessment surveys, site testing and archaeological mitigation.

“I could be in the field excavating a site one day, and in the office analysing artefacts or writing up research the next. One of the most interesting projects I’ve been involved with was the Nicodemus Slough Project near the Florida Everglades,” says Jim.

“We recorded several prehistoric earthworks between 500 and 2000 years old. Cardno archaeologists and biologists were able to team up on that project, each gaining a unique insight into the archaeology and its setting within the natural environment, all while supporting a successful water management project.”

“Collaborating with such a diverse group of specialists within our company is exciting.” 

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