Cardno's expertise in environmental services

Cardno is one of the world’s leading environmental consultants; our expertise in environmental sciences, applied ecology, environmental engineering, hydrogeology, economics, regulatory compliance and litigation is unrivalled.

In the Australia and New Zealand region we work with public and private clients across a wide range of industries to deliver high profile projects. Our unique combination of expertise and ability to provide a multidisciplinary, integrated approach allows us to identify solutions that bring real value to clients’ operations and the environment.

Our engineers and scientists can provide expertise in:

Environmental Planning and Assessment

Our team has experience in environmental planning and obtaining regulatory approvals at all scales, from site constraints and opportunities to city-wide and regional strategies. Cardno can assist with applications and permits under Commonwealth, State and local legislation in all states and territories, as well as with the preparation of environmental management plans to achieve conditions of consents and approvals.

Environmental Compliance Auditing

Our highly-skilled team of environmental scientists has proven experience in the auditing of environmental commitments relevant to both construction works and industry operations. Our audit methodologies are tailored to conform to the needs of each project, and the requirements of relevant Australian and international standards.

Waste Management and Landfill

Our environmental engineers and scientists are experienced in all phases of the landfill life-cycle applied to solid waste management, providing everything from initial site selection studies, permits, approvals management, site investigations, landfill leachate solutions and gas risk management to waste stream auditing; utilising our geotechnical engineering specialists to design landfill cells; and supervision of construction and final cap design for site closure.

Environmental Economics

Economic assessment is fundamental to achieving sustainable development outcomes. Cardno’s environmental economists provide a comprehensive range of services. We utilise cost−benefit analyses, market and non-market valuations, and qualitative and quantitative methodologies to aid the decision-making processes of our clients.

Natural Resource Management

To address issues such as catchment management, environmental impact, land rehabilitation and biodiversity conservation, we adopt an integrated approach across sectors. Our work focuses on maintaining the balance between productive development, natural resource use and ensuring sustainable environmental outcomes.

Contaminated Site Management

Cardno has the skills and experience to accurately characterise and manage contaminated sites. We offer site assessments and investigations, groundwater plume delineations, risk assessments, remediation system design, installation, operation and maintenance, and closure and compliance monitoring activities. Cardno also has a number of Environmental Site Contamination Auditors accredited by state environmental protection authorities and government environment departments in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia, for independent sign-off under state legislation.

Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology

Cardno’s ecology team is a leader in the quantitative assessment of risks to ecosystems, assessment of impacts on ecosystems, monitoring, environmental management, specialist taxonomic services and research. Cardno can assist with projects ranging from property-scale to bioregional ecological assessments and planning, and has experience in providing a range of ecological services including preliminary desktop assessments and due diligence investigations through to comprehensive impact assessments, management plans, biodiversity strategies, rehabilitation management, bushfire management and policy recommendations. Cardno also has an inventory of state-of-the-art marine water quality and hydrodynamic monitoring systems, which are deployed to provide comprehensive studies of marine and estuarine ecosystems.


Cardno’s team of acoustic specialists offer a full range of services; from building design to noise impact assessments, and mitigation design for major transport and industrial projects, providing a high level of communication and collaboration with design and construction teams at all project stages. Streamlining the provision of advice on acoustics and potential noise impacts on the community ensures cost-effective solutions that result in a high level of client satisfaction. 

Sustainability and Climate Change

Cardno’s sustainability and climate change specialists offer services in sustainability, carbon and energy assessments, infrastructure sustainability and provide advice on adaption and mitigation to support our client’s response to challenges including climate change.

Visual Assessment and Scenic Amenity

Cardno is a leader in landscape and visual impact assessment (LVIA), taking account of scenic quality, character, views and sensitivity, and the integration of these values into land use planning and development assessment. Our expertise in scenic quality and landscape assessment contributes to our strong reputation in visual impact analysis of proposed developments, as part of environmental impact assessment or for expert testimony.

For more information about how Cardno can assist with your environmental requirements, contact your local environmental expert:

Anthony Lane (National)
Senior Principal; Strategic Development Director – Environment, Australia and New Zealand






Catriona Sutcliffe (QLD/NT)
Business Manager – Cardno Chenoweth Environment







Kevin Roberts (NSW/ACT)
Section Leader – Environment







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