Cardno is proud to support International Women’s Day on 8 March 2016

On International Women’s Day (IWD) each year, women are recognised for their social, economic, cultural and political achievements.  Cardno is proud to support and promote IWD for 2016 and the theme Pledge for Parity.

Cardno acknowledges the vital role of women in our business and is committed to gender equality. We strive to provide opportunities for women across the business to advance and grow their careers in a supportive environment. In 2014 we established an internal gender equality group called Women in Cardno and after the first Governing Body term, are proud to say we are seeing some excellent progress and great engagement across the business.  This year, the Women in Cardno Governing Body launched a targeted leadership professional development program to encourage our staff to step up into leadership and management positions.

Last year, we relaunched our Diversity Policy with a Same Job, Same Pay philosophy to all Cardno staff and completed a Gender Pay Gap (GPG) analysis to understand our internal metrics.  With the progress gained by Women in Cardno, we are in a position to implement change programs to ensure equal opportunity and that our company is inclusive for all.

We are also proud ambassadors in the Queensland Male Champions of Change initiative, and active voices in ending domestic violence.

Part of Cardno’s vital work is our global endeavour to improve conditions for women in communities around the world. We support many client programs that integrate gender equality across their activities. The integration of gender in programs is an intrinsic element of our approach – essential for achieving meaningful and lasting impact across all sectors.

Please take a moment to read about some important projects Cardno is involved with in empowering women:

Funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), this program aims to improve political, economic and social opportunities for women in the Pacific region. For International Women’s Day 2014, Pacific Women released a series of vignettes and thematic segment pieces from the DVD series ‘Working Together to Improve Gender Equality in the Pacific’, to honour the many Pacific women who work tirelessly for the promotion of gender equality across the region. Last year, Pacific Women launched an online interactive map which shows where and how Pacific Women is working towards gender equality and empowerment.  
AIPJ is an Australian aid program funded by the Australian Government which aims to support increased access to better quality legal information and services for people that will improve legal certainty and provide the foundation for economic growth and poverty. 
Commencing in 2008, PLP is a regional governance initiative of the Australian government. It aims to strengthen established and emerging leaders and leadership practice in Pacific Island countries. PLP’s approach includes supporting the collective efforts and actions of Pacific Island leaders, including where these are focussed on women’s interests and perspectives, economic empowerment and involvement in decision-making. 
Operating in Fiji, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka and Timor-Leste, MDF aims to sustainably increase employment for poor women and men in rural and urban areas. MDF uses market-based approaches including a strong emphasis on understanding market systems before intervening; a flexible, entrepreneurial market facilitation approach; and a consistent and relentless focus on results. MDF also implements a gender strategy that aims to improve outcomes in women’s economic advancement in each sector of project activity. 
Cardno supported sustainable economic growth, employment expansion and increased household incomes in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) through the $22.3M USAID and Sida funded FIRMA Program. This program placed a significant emphasis on gender integration activities and opportunities for female workforce advancement.  
TGVCI is a three-year £4.6 million programme that aims to improve the lives and working conditions of those working in value chains, including women. 
Australia's engagement with Africa is underpinned by growing commercial relations; particularly in the resources sector, with about AU$50 billion in current and prospective investment and over 200 Australian companies involved in approximately 650 projects in 37 countries. The AAPF's goal is to develop enduring partnerships across the Africa continent, which promote effective working relationships between Australian and African governments and institutions. 
The Papua New Guinea-Australia Law and Justice Partnership – Transition Program (PALJP-TP) focused on enabling better economic development through enhanced service delivery in the areas of community safety, stability and crime prevention. One of PALJP-TP’s outcomes was for women and others vulnerable to gender-based violence have greater access to justice, legal protection and support services. 
Cardno researched, designed and developed a sector-specific Project Design Resource Guide and a pilot training course to enable USAID staff to effectively integrate state-of-the-art gender-based violence (GBV) prevention and response efforts into development projects.
SSQ assists the Government of Indonesia to reduce disparities in access to education, improve the quality of teaching and learning in Indonesian schools, and improve management and accountability at all levels of school administration.
You can also read more about Cardno's commitment to Diversity and Inclusion and our development approach on Gender and Social Inclusion.
For more information on IWD or to make your pledge, please visit the International Women's Day 2016 website.
Photo credit: Women United Together Marshall Islands, in partnership with Pacific Women, is implementing a comprehensive community engagement program to establish the first ever support services for survivors of violence against women and girls in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (Credit: DFAT / Pacific Women / Emily Miller)